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Sit And Draw Art Competition


On 6th February, 2018, DAIS students participated in the Art competition organized by the Niki Hingad Art Foundation, titled ‘Sit and Draw Art Competition, at the Sir J. J School of Art.

All entries were evaluated by a panel of judges from the Sir J. J. School art fraternity and were rated on the basis of creativity and originality of the artwork.

This was an open competition, supporting the idea of freedom in the World of Art. The competition was categorized in four age groups: ‘Veni-A' 5 – 7 yrs; 'Veni-B' 7 – 10 yrs, ‘Vidi’–11 – 14 yrs and ‘Vici’ –14 -16 yrs.

The out-standing winners of the 7th Annual NHAF Inter School Art competition were:

Veni – A’ – Age (5-7 yrs):

Ist Position: Simone Aspi Tangri - Class 3B

IInd Position: Viha Gahrotra - I A

Consolation Prize:

Myrah Gupta - Class IIB

Aanvi Malpani - Class IIB

‘Veni - B’ Group (8-10 yrs)

Consolation Prize:

Meera Ankad – Class IIIB

‘Vici’ Group: (14 yrs and above)

Consolation Prize: