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An opportunity to serve people of Devachi Uruli in Marathwada

Aditi Raheja of Class 10 along with Shiv Karnani of Class 7 decided to take on the challenge of solving the water crisis in a village called Devachi Uruli near Pune. This drought had been affecting the village inhabitants for the past 8 years . The villagers were in dire need of help. Aditi and Shiv, members of a group called T.E.A.M (together Everyone Achieves More) strived towards providing the village with tankers, giving them easy access to water. They provided 19 widowed women with grain kits and 45 other villagers with water storage drums, bath towels and flavoured milk. They also built a kilometre long basin from the mountain to the bore wells forming a catch pit which would help water percolate into the earth and fill up the existing dry bore wells. They were felicitated by the Village Panchayat for the commendable work done by them!