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Round Square Service Award
King Constantine medal Rohildev

Dhirubhai Ambani International School awarded the King Constantine Medal to Rohildev Parathsarthy for his commitment to service. Rohil has been a part of several service initiatives that have had a great impact on the local and international community.


Rohildev was part of the schools project at the Learning Space Foundation Learning Space Foundation, an initiative to provide support to village children attending rural schools, assisting them by providing them a supplementary learning program. He taught mathematics and English language to the primary school students of the village.


He took this interest forward by teaching English to the DAIS security staff, housekeeping staff and bus attendants every Saturday morning through the schools Make a Difference (MAD) project where he is a leader of the English Vinglish project.


Through the course of the project, Rohildev came to school every Saturday to lead classes for the school support staff. He started by teaching the staff the basics, such as tenses, genders, verbs, and then progressed to teach them more complex aspects of the Language and even engaged the staff in various oral activities to ensure confidence and proficiency in speaking. By the end of the project, Rohildev hopes to conduct a written examination for the school support staff, and award a certificate to those who pass the exam, as proof of their proficiency in the language.


Rohildev has been an Integral part of the core team of students working on the schools "Village Development Project'. Under this programme the school 'adopted' two small villages and work with the objective of eradicating poverty and unemployment through a three-pronged strategy – Education, Infrastructure and Empowerment.


Rohil did not stop at this, and travel to Tanzania to take part in the RSIS Big Build project to build classrooms for a community school. "Community Service is important to me; because I’m able to help those around me, and by doing so I’m able to help myself."


The trip was a transformative experience for him, as he was able to engage with 49 other students from around the world, each of whom were connected by one thing, their love for helping the community. Through every task, the team members got to know each other, and at the same time got to test themselves. Rohil went on to emphasize that, "the one skill that I took away from the trip is that of collaboration. Collaboration is key, and only because we worked together, were we able to achieve our goals. Over the course of the project, I got to test my own physical and mental limits, by putting myself in a position I wouldn't have been in otherwise." He is appreciative of the recognition conferred upon him by the school and wishes to continue his service efforts in every aspect of his life.


"Every year at DAIS we choose one student recipient for the Round Square King Constantine medal. It is given as recognition of the student who is self-driven and motivated to create a positive impact on their local community through their meaningful action and selfless service" says Abhimanyu Basu, Head of School.


Rohil is currently in his Senior Year in DAIS, and is doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma, studying History, Economics, and Biology at a Higher Level. He looks to pursue his further education in International Relations and in Environmental Studies.