First Initiative: 5 girls were trained in tailoring and sewing machines were supplied. They have since then stitched 198 sets of uniforms for all the children.

Our students are exploring a market for cloth bags to replace plastic bags. Once it is done these girls will be assisted in producing cloth bags for the market.

Other Plans : Raising poultry Vanaraja breed, Osmanibadi goats, Pedigree pups and Angora rabbits. These can help in enhancing their incomes.

Empowerment at Village Hassachipatti

  • Empowerment at Village Kumbharghar Adivasi Wadi
  • Provided 15 goats to start a goatree for the village.
  • Provided 100 chickens to 20 households to supplement their incomes.
  • Provided 4 rabbits to start rabbit breeding.
  • Planted 80 coconut trees, 2 for each household to enhance future income.
  • Have started work on a nursery to grow plants, herbs and vegetables for sale and consumption.

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