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Prarthna Chabria undertakes a Water Conservation Project - ‘Act Locally….Think Globally’

Prarthna Chabria, a student of Grade 8B calls for co-operation for water conservation. She has penned down TEN WATERWISE RULES. With the prevailing drought conditions especially in the Marathwada region, she felt the need to reach out to people and create awareness on how to be WaterWise in your own homes first and the impact that can have on the overall water consumption of the city. To start with, she has launched this project in the building complex she resides in at Breach Candy. A total of 120 homes have been visited from the 15th of May to the 31st of May’16. She took a lot of learning’s from the Waterwise project , she worked in her class when she was in Grade 7 last year.

  • 1. Save Drinking Water :
    • •  Pour only as much water as needed at that time.
    • •  When guests visit, don’t pour a full glass and serve…keep a jug of water and an empty glass so that only that much quantity is consumed.
  • 2. Alternate sources of water :
    • •  Drink coconut water (a more natural source), fresh fruit juices as an alternate source of water.
  • 3. Washing dishes :
    • •   taff members at home need to be educated to use less water to wash dishes.
    • •  This is one major area of concern.
    • •  Avoid running taps. Smaller dishes such as steel bowls, spoons can be washed in a small bucket of water.


  • 4. Showers and brushing our teeth:
    • •  Avoid long showers. Have bucket baths as far as possible.
    • •  No running taps while brushing your teeth.
    • •  Avoid two showers a day in the summer. A quick wash should suffice.
  • 5. Flushing system :
    • •  Install a dual flushing system.
    • •  If your home already has one, use the smaller flush as far as possible.
  • 6. Washing vegetables and fruits :
    • •  Always encourage the staff to first pour water in a small bowl and wash vegetables in that bowl rather than in the running tap. Multiple vegentables can be washed in the same bowl of water.
  • 7. Washing clothes :
    • •  Use the washing machine sparingly.
    • •  Wear night suits for more than one night so that too many clothes don’t go in for a wash on a daily basis.
    • •  Use washing machine once every two days.
    • •  While washing clothes by hand, please advise the staff to avoid running tap.
    • •  Use minimal water to wash clothes by hand.
  • 8. Washing windows :
    • •  Avoid using water to wash windows.
    • •  Wash by spraying colin and using a newspaper to wipe and clean.
  • 9. Fix any leaking tapes immediately :
    • •  Fill water in a bowl until the leak is fixed so that that water can be used to wash dishes/clothes/vegetables.
  • 10. Watering plants :
    • •  Use the water used to wash vegetables to water the plants in your home.