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Niladri Deb won the Cipher Contest at TCS IT WIZ, conducted by the TCS

At the MUMBAI Zone TCSITWIZ - 2015 IT quiz contest, the CIPHER question was announced by the quizmaster. The format of the question was in encrypted form and asked the participants and viewers to decrypt the question. After decrypting the question, the answer was to be submitted to TCSITWIZ twitter account. Niladri Deb not only decrypted the question correctly, but he also submitted the answer before anyone. The quizmaster declared that Niladri took less than 2 minutes to complete the entire process.


To recognize his ability to solve this CIPHER question , he was awarded and declared as CIPHER contest winner of MUMBAI zone TCSITWIZ 2015. TCS has published his achievement in their twitter page with the link : #Cipher winner at #TCSITWiz #Mumbai. Many congratulations to @Niladrideb99 !