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YEA Saunders Scholars Competition

YEA has been a step by step insight into the business world for me. I had no idea of how businesses were actually established and managed. I learnt in YEA that not only does a great idea matter, but also financials and marketing strategies.



I wanted to create something both helpful and profitable. My idea germinated from seeing the pain my maternal aunt had to go through due to surgery at a young age and relearn the use of her arms through an extensive process of physiotherapy. I decided to use my knowledge of robotics to create a simple, user-friendly solution for patients needing physiotherapy.


I conceptualised Kynaid, an innovative robotic physiotherapy assistant who could help patients performing physiotherapy exercises repeatedly thereby facilitating speedy recovery. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I learnt that I was invited to participate in the YEA Saunders Scholars Competition, Rochester, NY, USA. I felt privileged as this was the first time YEA India would be participating at the international level. I was proud to represent DAIS in an international program. At Rochester, I wasn’t a finalist, but that doesn’t deter me. I managed to reach all the way there, and I will still keep going.


Lavanya Iyer 9 A