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Bake sale initiative in Defense of Animals

Prarthna Chabria, Paree Rohera, Farrah Patel, Vidusshi Hingad and Eesha Bodapati.



In defence of animals (IDA) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting animals and their rights. IDA looks after the stray animals for a large area almost half of Mumbai. The IDA promotes animal birth control programmes and they discourage brutal extermination of stray animals. They rescue abused, malnourished and sick animals. They are trying to make amendments to existing animal protection laws in India to make them more effective. It creates awareness among people for animal related issues. Recently they had a financial crunch and had to shut down temporarily. We realized the importance of this foundation in our city and we tried our best to make a contribution even though small to help the IDA. We approached Ms Manisha who volunteers for IDA and she guided us with contact details of the concerned people.



We understood the urgency for providing help and wanted to collect donations to help IDA. We wanted to collect donations for IDA ourselves, without any external help. We wanted to give back to the people who donated in the ‘sweetest' way possible. Therefore we decided to do a bake sale! The idea occurred as we all are passionate animal lovers and IDA needed us.


In September, the first bake sale was held at Prarthna’s building. In this bake sale, we decided to go door to door so there would be more interaction between the donor and us. This also helped us get more donors and more awareness could be spread. We decided to meet and then collectively bake: muffins, cookies, diet-biscuits and cake.


From this sale, we collected Rs. 15,500 which was donated to Ms Priya Grover of IDA.



In the beginning of February, we planned to progress to a larger crowd. It was held at J.J. School of Arts, where we set up a stall which had: marshmallows, brownies, cake, chips, bhel, cookies, cake pops, sandwiches, muffins, nimbu-pani, tang and water. We contacted IDA and requested for a volunteer who could bring IDA’s official merchandise.


We earned Rs. 14,500.


These bake sales have been very productive and successful. We are proud to contribute and improve the lifestyles for our furry friends. As for now this is just a start.