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ASSET Talent Search 2016-2017

ASSET talent Search (ATS) is a talent identification program that identifies, acknowledges and supports talented young students at a young age and connects them with opportunities to enhance their potential. ATS serves as a platform where academically gifted students can come into their own and hone their inherent potential. It is the realization and validation of being academically talented, which goes a long way in moulding such students into accomplished individuals.


This year, 19 students of D.A.I.S. took part in this talent search.


The results exceeded the expectations of all, with 5 students receiving the special recognition of being ATS Scholars (95 percentile and above).


They are Divya V. Karnani from class 5, Dhruv V. Bhalla and Ananya G. Srinivasan from class 6, Shiv V. Kampani from class 7 and Krishi H Manek from class 8.


Siddhant Mukherjee of class 8, went even further by receiving the ATS Gold, with a perfect score of 800 out of 800.