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Aman Ladia - Podcast interview

Aman Ladia of Class 10C has started a venture called 'BlockStein', which aims to improve understanding and provide solutions based on Blockchain - the core technology behind cryptocurrencies. He has been interviewed on the same by Richard Jacobs, the chief journalist of the Future tech Podcast, USA. The channel discussed potential upcoming ideas from innovators who are likely to have an impact on the future. Aman's first podcast interview was published on iTunes and Twitter.



The interview dated 23.Aug.2017 can be found in the links below:


Future Tech Podcast Website:



iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1169016854



Twitter: https://twitter.com/FuturetechP/status/900329526202441728


Can blockchain technology serve as the final defense against the blood diamond trade? Will it transform the way artists disseminate and profit from their work? Might it serve as an equivalent- if not superior- replacement for the traditional banking system? For most people, blockchain technology is defined by its inextricable link to cryptocurrency exchange. While this understanding isn’t entirely wrong, Aman Ladia argues that it’s glaringly incomplete. As co-founder of Blockstein, Ladia is making it his mission to uncover and promote the gamut of blockchain benefits, and by doing so, he aims to bolster a public understanding that will fuel its widespread adoption. Ladia discusses the seemingly buried uses of blockchain technology that provide both transparency and anonymity in blockchain-based transactions. But that’s not all: when used as a replacement for traditional banking systems, it may even save you thousands of dollars.


Aman is working on similar solutions for schools and other institutions.