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Thimun Singapore 2014

Thimun Singapore 2014

"This resolution gives competition to Swiss cheese"

There was a moment of silence and just a second later, the committee echoed with uncontrollable laughter.

The Hague International Model United Nations, Singapore X 2014 truly resembles the heaven of “MUNners.”The level of debate and order during committee was truly enthralling and gave us a totally different experience. While lobbying we all were¬† thrilled to see the size of each of our committees (I had 150 delegations!!!) but adding on to that we were exasperated to see that each and every one of them was in the “BEST delegate” category.

All of our lobbying sessions were thoroughly fabulous and we all eventually ended up at least being the co submitters of our respective resolutions. This was when we realized THIMUN was certainly the potpourri of various diverse cultures and also a stage for a variety of languages. Our respective MUNners’ guides were given to us and we were all boosted up for the next day.

Then came the three days of serious, mean and cut throat but enjoyable debate in which after each session there would be some winners and losers but with god’s grace all of us ended up as winners by the end of the third day. Rishabh, one of my co delegates would come out of committee with a smile every single day blowing his own trumpet, about himself in committee and how he had just battered another resolution. Throughout THIMUN Singapore, committee debates were always progressive and fruitful and truly was a magical, life changing experience for a MUNner.

Our delegates have all attended several local conferences, however apprehension and nervous excitement was still present at the beginning of the trip, as representing our school and nation at such a prestigious international forum was an undeniably daunting experience- a feeling that to anyone waiting at Terminal Two of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on the morning of 16th November, 2014, the waves of excitement rolling off our group of 12 students and 2 teachers were palpable. Not even the fact that we were inevitably exhausted due to last minute packing and an anticipation-induced lack of sleep could dull the enthralling prospect of attending one of the most prestigious Model United Nations conferences in all of Asia-THIMUN Singapore.

I still find it hard to believe that the ‘THIMUN experience’ lasted for just 4 short days. Within the 4 days at the conference which was equal parts stimulating and challenging, we have been exposed to a wide array of issues, from the bitter strife over the Senkaku Islands to the importance of gender equality- and have successfully found solutions to several of the pressing issues plaguing our world today. The delegates from our school had been chosen to represent the voices of Iraq and Denmark on this platform. This what our ambassador of Denmark Sanyal Dalal had to say in her opening speech in GA1

“To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all with- out distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”

The ambassador of Iraq, Suyansh Surana had his opening speech all worked out when he roared in GA

“As Ambassador of Iraq I do believe that we are at the brink of an international revolution that will realign the human race onto the right track and change our world for the better. And it all begins here. As global leaders, I implore every citizen sitting in front of me today to eradicate the fallacious dogma that the earth is a macrocosmic chess match, with two sides striving for victory over each other.”

Aside from boosting our confidence and augmenting our debating skills, this MUN taught each and every one of us the importance of cooperation. Regardless of whether it is on a UN platform or simply a simulation of the experience, in a Global Village as is today, it is impossible to achieve anything of substance without the collaborative efforts of several minds that are united in the prospect of a brighter future.

Yes, there is always the chance that we might have to make a compromise, but such is the price of diplomacy, the price of a better tomorrow. For at the end of the day, it is not the amount of resolutions we passed in committee or how many times we were recognised to speak, but it is about the solutions created by all of our efforts.

We are the future leaders of the global community and, so far, the future looks promising.

Our hectic scheduled left only one day too visit the popular destinations of the lovely city of Singapore City in which we witnessed the hustle of Bugis Street and also the beauty of the Marina Bay Sands light and sound show.

Christmas on Orchard Street

Dinner and Dance at the Country Club

Debate in ECOSOC?

Contributed by the delegates of the Thimun Singapore conference