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Thimun Hague 2015

Thimun HAGUE 2015

Held in The Hague, Netherlands, from 26th to 31st January, THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) was undoubtedly the most transformative and definitive MUN experience for me. I was selected as a Student Officer at the conference – I was the Head Chair of the 4th committee of the General Assembly. My conference started much before I arrived in the Hague – I, along with my three deputy chairs, had to prepare a research report for each of the issues on the agenda of our committee. As Head Chair, I prepared a research report on the Question of Western Sahara and had to revise and proof-read my deputy chairs’ resolutions multiple times. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in the Student Officer workshop one day before the conference, where we were given a comprehensive briefing on THIMUN chairing procedure, resolution procedures and how to handle our enormous committees. The final conference days were grueling, no doubt, coordinating the lobbying efforts; blocs of delegates and managing time with perfection to fit in all the resolutions to be discussed in the optimal time. Arriving early for a briefing and leaving late after a debriefing gave me the time to meet and bond with my fellow Student Officers from all across the world – today, we are one big family. Chairing was a delicate balance between earning the respect of delegates, making friends, the logistical work of printing paperwork and prioritizing resolutions, and of course, chairing and conducting debate. Exhausting but nevertheless invigorating, I feel proud to have chaired a committee and being present on stage during plenary, the closing and opening ceremonies alongside the President of the GA and the Secretariat in the World Forum Convention Center, where the greatest leaders in world history have debated before me.



The theme of this year’s conference was an evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals. Our school had 1 student officer, 2 experts in the Advisory Panel, 13 delegates (representing Sweden) and 1 press member in THIMUN Hague 2015. Many of our delegates emerged as Main Submitters of their resolutions and got to introduce them to committee, an impressive feat in itself.

Our delegate in the Human Rights Commission, Ishani Agarwal, passed her resolution in Plenary with a large majority. Our ambassador, Raj Bhuva, made a passionate opening speech and spoke multiple times in Plenary and was commended personally by the PGA. Hard work and perseverance ultimately paid off, and many of our delegates received Letters of Recommendation from their respective chairs. Our press delegate worked as an artist and created some lovely artwork and paintings that were illustrated on the cover of the THIMUN press issue, MUNITY. Along with the usual diplomacy, foreign policy, lobbying and speech-making our delegates had to prepare and excelled at in committee, THIMUN is an international forum with delegations from across the world, and our delegates used it as a platform to build international cooperation, mutual respect, understanding and most importantly, friendship, with people our age from all parts of the globe. Not only have we emerged as better orators, negotiators and knowledgeable on the issues debated, but also we have transformed into international citizens and proud flag-bearers of the new young world order.

Witnessing snowfall along the cobbled roads and canals of The Hague and the flags of all the countries fluttering in the chilly Dutch breeze was truly soul-stirring. We visited the bayside, the Peace Palace, the Delft village, the Escher Museum and the famous Panorama Mesdag in The Hague. Munching on stroopwaffels and wolfing down French fries dipped in mayonnaise and looking forward to the next days debate, we were filled with contentment and in the belief that we can make a difference to the world. THIMUN 2015, you shall be missed.

 Gauraang Biyani