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Suhaani - Global Chess Ambassador

FIDE (the World Chess Governing body) has put the picture of Suhaani Lohia of Class 2 B, to be on the cover of their online booklet in relation to their “Chess in Schools” global initiative.


In it’s new edition (published every 2 years), titled “Chess – A Tool for Education and Health”, FIDE hopes to disseminate throughout the worldwide chess community the benefits of education, health, as well as the use of chess in different social and therapeutic areas.


For more details please visit the URL below :



CHESS A Tool for Education and Health, Click here


Suhaani wins at the IIFLW Chess Tournament


Suhaani Lohia of Class 2 B won the first place in the U8 Girls category at the 7-day IIFLW International Chess Tournament.



She also got the opportunity to play a game of chess against world champion, Vishy Anand.