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Rimun - 2015

RIMUN - 2015

The Rome International Model United Nations conference held at the end of March this year, lasted four days. The countries assigned to our school were France, Latvia and South Africa. The trip to Rome, however, was a lot more than four days. It was seven. It felt like a lifetime of fun, frolic but yet tons of work.


Day 1


Jet-lagged but excited beyond words, all 14 of us packed into the bus which headed to the start point, where we were to be picked up by our hosts. Greeted by a very cold rainy morning and our hosts carrying umbrellas for us, we had a brisk walk to the school. Soon after registering ourselves at the school and meeting the hosts’ parents, we all carried on to our respective hosts’ homes. The day, after this, was spent differently in every students’ case. While some of us chose to stay in the warmth of the heated homes, others went out to explore Rome with their hosts. But by the end of the day we were all too jet-lagged to stay awake even beyond 9:30 pm!


Day 2


We all started the day early. Our hosts had to get to school, and we had a whole day of sightseeing ahead of us, that we sure didn't want to miss. We visited the Colosseum and the great monuments in and around it. Now although there really was nothing as majestic and vibrant as the Colosseum, the intriguing history behind every single site was itself good enough to keep us thirsty for more. For example, the Palatine Hill, where Rome was founded. The ruins of the city underneath us, which were remnants of Ancient Rome.

We visited the all-famous Vatican City after that, which was everything and more than we expected it to be!

In the evening, we were dropped off at Mancini, where we were picked up by our hosts and taken out to explore Rome. Who knew that we would end up in an amusement park!


Day 3


Another early start to a day spent at the Vatican City. Before that though, some of us were to attend the opening ceremony of RIMUN 2015, while the others visited a few important Roman museums. There were honourable guests from all forums at the international level, giving speeches on important matters, which concerned the various delegations. With opening speeches from ambassadors of different countries and one from our very own ambassador of France, RIMUN IX had an impactful start - with already playful enmity between delegates, and the burning ambition to win best delegate or best judge. Our school, then moved onto sightseeing after the opening ceremony. This time we went into the Vatican Museum, and visited the sacred 16th chapel. It was truly an enriching experience.

Day 4


Today, the official MUN sessions began. It took place at our host school- The Liceo Scientifico Farnesina School. Lobbying took place in the various committees. Delegates from our school were in the ICJ, the Security Council and Feed the Planet among others. While the previous day's MUN newspaper featuring the opening ceremony was printed and sold, the next day's paper was being worked on by the Press Staff. Most of our delegates were main-submitters of multiple resolutions, and co-submitters of many too. With a lot of hard work put in on the first day of the simulation, we all headed home with our hosts. That evening the girls were taken out by their hosts for a typical Italian dinner, while the boys ate dinner at one of their hosts’ homes. It was a night well spent.


Day 5


Day two of RIMUN was something like this- In the committees, there was debating for and against resolutions and there were amendments being passed left, right and centre. The press staff wrote the next day’s newspaper and sold the previous day’s. It was another day of heated discussion and elaborating on viewpoints. That evening had a host/guest dinner, and later a walk to the Square.


Day 6


The third day of RIMUN was spent debating again, in the committees. Many resolutions were passed, and many failed.

Today, with the simulation ending earlier than the previous two days, some of us took the opportunity to meet up later on, and go shopping downtown, while the others decided to play a football match with their hosts. These two obviously favourite activities were the icing on the cake to an already productive and enjoyable day.


Day 7


This was the last day of RIMUN IX. Instead of taking place at the school, it took place at the Luiss University.

The sub-committees and commissions of the ECOSOC were merged, and the best resolutions from all the committees were chosen and discussed. The same took place with the subcommittees of the General Assembly, during the plenary session. They were discussed and debated on, wholly and fairly on the MUN forum, and they all were reflections of the hard work and logic the delegates put into the matters being discussed. After about 6 to 7 hours of this, the closing ceremony began. Memories that were created over the past 4 days were revived and laughed upon, with everyone longing to stay a little while more. We were proud when Bhaven Shah went up to collect his Best Delegate award, and P V Rohildev was given the Best Judge award. We were also proud when most of the delegates from our school earned themselves an honourable mention or a verbal mention. After bidding our final goodbyes to the friends we knew we would never forget, we left the University. We then met up for the last host and guest dinner, and the last walk in the Square.

We were going to miss this city more than anything, but another thing we had missed, was a lot of tests back home. It was time to get back to all the studies and re-tests that made up the hectic schedule of a student from Dhirubhai Ambani International School.