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IBDP Results 2018

IBDP Results 2018

Our 14th Batch of IB Diploma students have achieved spectacular results in the IB Diploma examinations of 2018, with 67% of the students scoring 40 points or above. The School’s average diploma score is an all-time high of 40.14 points.

Commenting on the IB results, Smt. Nita M. Ambani, Founder & Chairperson, said:

        We are absolutely thrilled with the outstanding performance of our students in the IB Diploma examinations of 2018. They have set a new benchmark by achieving an average score of 40.14 points, the highest the school has ever achieved. It is a fitting tribute to their resolute efforts and talent, and to the unwavering commitment of our exceptional teachers. These splendid results reinforce our School’s position as the No. 1 International School in India, and also places us among the Top 5 Schools in the World. Heartiest congratulations to each one of our young achievers and their proud parents!

103 students graduated this year, of which 99 were Diploma Candidates and 4 IB Course (Certificate).

The School's average Diploma score is 40.14 points
(Worldwide: 29.78)

8 students emerged as World Toppers with a perfect score of 45 points
11 students obtained 44 points
66 students earned 40 points or above,
constituting 67% of our students compared to 5% worldwide
87 students earned 36 points or above,
constituting 88% of our students compared to 17.5% worldwide

85% of Higher Level papers were graded 7/6

87% of Standard Level papers were graded 7/6

The mean grade obtained by students is 6.29 compared to the world average of 4.7
The mean bonus points obtained by the students is 2.19 compared to 1.15 worldwide
  • In Extended Essay, 63% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's
  • In Theory of Knowledge, 81% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's
IB Diploma Results 2018
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IB Diploma Results 2018
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