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Project Day

Project Day

The Project Day conducted at the School over the years has become an important component of students’ learning. Students of the middle school work on a big idea for about a month. Some of the big ideas that students have worked on include natural resources, measurement, food, water, movement, climate, sound, Maharashtra, myths and legends, colours, deserts, evolution and light. They link each of these themes to the various subjects of their study and thus show how each and every subject explores that theme in some way or other.

The projects worked on by students on the selected theme culminate in an event where parents are invited to share their children's learning at a special performance and display, manned by the children. The Project Day also serves as an excellent opportunity for students to work in teams and appreciate the dynamics and benefits of working together.

The Project Day is an innovative methodology of teaching, where all the subjects are linked together under one big idea. The Big Idea is chosen carefully to fit into the regular syllabus e.g. Std. 6 this year has chosen, ‘ The Digital World ‘and how it is incorporated into the syllabus. There is a growing dependence on technology in the world we live in today. This has impacted the way we think, act and study. Today’s world for a 6th grader is a dizzy world of gizmos.


This is what a parent had to say:

“Outstanding performance by 6A&B!! Everything was just perfect; the dialogues, the songs, the costumes, music & the stalls. What I loved the most was that the teachers have brought out the best from the kids, whether it was their lines for the play or the stall work –all done by the kids themselves. Loved it that each and every kid had a valuable role in the play. Please do this every year!! We’d like a repeat in Grade 7.”