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Notable Notes

Notable Notes

It all started on a Wednesday in September, when the auditions were announced for the inter-house Indian music competition. Children from all walks of school ranging from trained singers to those who thought it was high time my bathroom singing became a legitimate hobby got into the fray.

Our challenge to see if there really was an acceptable singer hidden in us began with the auditions. As each of us waited for our turn we heard many students singing, some solo others duets or in triads. Some of their songs were so melodious that they transported us to another realm and the mundane everyday world around us disappeared. Each singer was enveloped in his own new space and belting out the song he had prepared, giving it his best go.

A day later the results to the audition were announced and those who had cleared the audition would be singing in the final round of the competition. Nervous but excited that we had made it this far we began our search for the song that would “make or break” our singing ambition. All the students selected for the final round spent hours before school with student mentors and our music teacher learning our lyrics, practising singing, reworking pitches, overcoming performance anxiety and tackling many more such animals. It was three days of practice and we realised that preparing for the final day was as much fun as the event itself!

Then came the big day and each of us took our turn and the mike to do the best possible singing of our lives. Our friends and teachers took it upon themselves to whole heartedly cheer us along and keep our spirits up.

Then came the prize announcements where names were called and smiling faces approached the stage to the sound of clapping. Being appreciated and respected and thought talented, this competition will be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.


Overall Ranking:

  1. Lions
  2. Tigers
  3. Panthers
  4. Jaguars