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Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams

Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams



It doesn’t matter how young or old one is when one has a strong determination towards bringing some change in the society. Sixteen year-old Bansini Doshi has proved just that. While most students of her age are confused and don’t know what to do in life, this young Ghatkopar resident not only knows her aim but has also started working towards it. Since 2013, the girl has been donating books cloths, and other basic necessities to the underprivileged section of the society through her NGO, called Dia Foundation. Recently, she donated uniforms to 65 students from the Prerana Night School situated in Deonar, thus giving them a sense of belonging to the school.

When asked what inspired her to help the underprivileged, Doshi said, “It gives me a joy in giving something back to the society. For me, the idea of doanting money is not more important than donating useful things. I strongly feel that every person has a definite need which needs to be taken care of. Also since child, I have been witnessing the social activites carried out by Dr. Praful Barvalia, our family doctor. His work really inspired and motivated me in reaching out to the needy.” The list of her philanthropic work also includes donating books to children of Pant Nagar Muncipal School No. 3, Ghatkopar (East), donating wheelchairs to expectant mothers, and children at a hospital in Deonar.

Asked how she is managing the work at such a young age, she gives the credit to the business-related books that she reads. “ I will call myself as a business-oriented person as I simply love to read the business-related books and using these skills in real life is quite challenging. I organise online fund raising events, and also urge people to do some donations by making them aware of the difficult situations that people live under,” claims Doshi, student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

Although at present residing in Ghatkopar and helping the poor, it was not in India where she comenced her work but is was in Caliifornia. Born in USA, Doshi shifted to India a few years ago. It was while she lived in LISA that she started her social activities to help the disadvantaged section and eventually founded her NGO. Through the foundation, she carried several social activities in US as well -one of the activities was donating blankets, comforters and pillows to the Family Support Shelter in San Jose, California. Till present, she tries to maintain the balance of helping the underprivileged people from both the countries.